How to Keep from Getting Sick or Food Safety

Ew. What a boring sounding topic. "Food Safety." Sounds like the low attendance seminar at a chef's convention. But, really, with all the e.coli and salmonella in the news, it's a topic anyone who eats should find interesting. I'll try to keep from being gross. Or boring.

To get started, here are a few helpful links. If you want to know what we think, skip on down.

Sustainable Table: Food Safety

Food Safety Begins on the Farm booklet

How Safe is Your Kitchen interactive checklist

Food Safety FAQ

First, a word from our sponsors

Disclaimer: neither of us has a degree in nutrition or food safety, nor has either of us passed a test or inspection. If you walked into our kitchen, most of the time you'd realize why we've never made the cover of Better Homes and Gardens - more often than not it looks more like the cartoon above. But we like to eat good food and we're vitally concerned with our health and that of our daughter's. We think a lot of the rules are the overblown result of marketing and that the reason there is so much food related illness in the news is because 1) people don't know where their food originates and 2) people don't properly care for the ingredients that will become their food.

To continue, please find your way into the kitchen, delight yourself in something nice to drink, preferably in a clean beverage container and not containing anything truly scary like high fructose corn syrup, and sit back while we regale you with how to keep our produce and animal products from making you sick.